We have received the following message from Cambridge regarding the results of the July for schools exams held between the 27th of JUNE and the 1st of JULY  in Lleida. 
 (The delays will also affect other exams taken during June and July) 

Current delays to results

Thank you for your support and hard work in making sure so many candidates have been able to take their Cambridge exams over the last few months, despite the many challenges of operating in the current circumstances. 
The delivery of exam sessions, along with the continued impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in some of our processes being more manual in nature. We also need to ensure the health and safety of our employees and examiners whilst processing and issuing the results.  Whilst we are making every effort to release results within the original results window, it has become apparent that in some cases this is not achievable, with some results across all products being issued later than originally scheduled.  Please accept our apologies for these delays. We have had to change the release dates for the following exams. 
We are grateful for your continued understanding, hard work and collaboration at this time. Rest assured, we are doing our utmost to return to the normal issue of results as soon as possible.
En respuesta a la pandemia de COVID-19 hemos proporcionado una mayor flexibilidad a nuestros centros autorizados de cara a organizar sesiones de examen. Esta mayor flexibilidad, unida a las cambiantes y continúas medidas para luchar contra la pandemia de COVID-19, desafortunadamente han resultado en retrasos en el procesamiento de resultados para algunos exámenes.
Estamos haciendo todo lo posible para garantizar que nuestros centros de examen y candidatos reciban sus resultados dentro del plazo especificado. Sin embargo, actualmente estamos experimentando demoras y su resultado de examen podría ser emitido más tarde de lo indicado en su documento de confirmación de matrícula.