He registrat i pagat. Ara què?

  1. Hauries de rebre un missatge de Cambridge confirmant els teus detalls. Encara no hi haurà els horaris i lloc però indicarà la data on esperem enviar aquesta informació.  

Faré el Speaking el mateix dia que l'escrit?

  1. Si vens de lluny, si. Si no, és possible que hauràs de venir un altre dia. 

What happens if I’m ill on the day of the exam?

If you cannot do the exam because you are ill, contact us a soon as possible. We will ask you for a medical certificate and then your will be refunded the cost of the exam (except for an administartive charge).


Do I need to pass all parts of the exam?

No. The result is the aggregate of all parts. A bad mark in one part can be compensated for with good marks in the others.


If I fail, can I see the exam?

No. All the exams are corrected in Cambridge. You can ask for a remark but you need to pay.


How long are Cambridge certificates valid?

They are valid for ever. There is no limit on their validity but obviously an exam passed 10 years ago may not correspond to your level nowadays.


Why do I have to have my photograph taken on the day of the exam?

This is for security and also for accreditation (for example, if you want to study in Australia).